Facial Recognition

Keeping students and wards safe is a top priority for any school owner.SRS can automatically identify persons of interest (POIs) using face detection and send instant recognition alerts to any logged-in device by connecting to your existing cameras.SRS follows face searching, face detection, face identification and face verification; all these done within seconds.

Parents and guardians can register the facial biometrics of an unlimited number of pick-up and drop off choices for their wards, and this information recorded is matched up at the time of pick up or drop off. SRS also performs visitor authentication and can identify strange faces that are not registered on the system - whether the person is an ex-employee, someone who has made threats in the past, or an important visitor who should be greeted upon entering the school premises.


Fingerprint Technology

Like facial recognition technology, fingerprint technology doubles to aid the identification of student, employees, pickers, parents, guardians and visitors within the school premises. Identified POIs as registered by parents and guardians are granted access to the school premises, while unidentified persons will be denied entry.


Attendance Tracking

Unlike ID or access cards that can be misplaced or misused, you cannot change your face and fingerprint. The SRS provides accurate information on students' arrival time, time of pick-up, and information on the arrival of the registered picker.

Parents and the school receive immediate information on the child's entry and exit from the school compound, which serves to ascertain each child's attendance. This mode of attendance is more secure, accurate, saves time and helps schools keep track of each student at all times.

Being aware of who is within the school premises is paramount to keeping students, visitors and employees safe. SRS makes it easier for security and operations teams to create a safe, productive environment and limit operational disruptions related to security risks.