Human Perception AI

Our software uses a high level of artificial intelligence that detects all things human. It analyses a series of face and body-related attributes, including head pose, eye gaze, skin status, face image quality and blurriness. It can adapt to various lightening qualities and various face postures to ensure the accuracy of the data being translated and processed.


Real-Time Monitoring

Our technology runs in real-time on devices and embedded systems, as well as in the cloud. Data for every second is stored, and movements within and outside that school premises are monitored automatically. The software effortlessly monitors multiple CCTV feeds, thereby decreasing the workload of security teams. Classrooms are also under surveillance to create a great learning environment for both students and teachers, thereby avoiding or addressing any form of harassment.


Centralised Intelligence

Data on registered pickers and students are controlled and monitored by the school, and there is privacy as third parties do not easily access these data. SRS was engineered to comply with privacy regulations while giving operators the tools to protect their privacy and ensure compliance, including dynamic data retention times and hard data deletes.Also, the landmark of every identified face around the school premises is stored and used to track every school guest's "last seen" information.


Dedicated SMS

An immediate SMS system exists to alert parents or guardians on their wards entry and exit into the school premises. SRS utilises mobile phone data and represents a high technology that aids communication with parents and guardians over the phone. Parties concerned can respond to incidents more quickly due to these real-time alerts.


Seamless Integration

Because of its efficiency, SRS can integrate with any camera system and adds visual intelligence to your existing camera network to achieve the highest stream to server ratio, which maximises the value of your investment.